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Forum Rules :: Read Before Posting

Post  Justanother1 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:56 am

These forums are dedicated to 3D art, software for making 3D art, and usage of 3D art. I built my own forum because I was tired of being edited/banned/limited by forum moderator/kiss-asses who's erectile dysfunction is overly apparent. And while I truly believe art should have no boundaries, unfortunately society as a whole seems to differ in opinion. Therefore, the rules for these pages will be:

#1 NO Porn. Nudity in you 3D models will be tolerated as long as it is tasteful and on-topic.
#2 NO Spam. Everyone's trying to make a living, advertisements in your signatures will be tolerated as long as there is on-topic content in your posts, and does not use excessive bandwidth.
#3 BE NICE! Excessive bad language, Heckling, Taunting Will get you Banned!
#4 NO Copyright Infringement. As 3D artists we all want to make a living from our creations. Being as such, Lets not forget the rights of the artists and programmers who brought us such fine software/content and ideas to build on. Please don't post links to download/share sites of content/software that is hacked or being sold by its rightful owner elsewhere on the web.

Further more, I reserve the right to delete posts/content, ban rule-breakers, and make fun of idiots from time to time.

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