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getting screencaps with

Post  Justanother1 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:55 pm

Paint.NET is very good free-ware image editor. You'll probably notice in some of my posts, when I want to use an image from the Sculptris screen, or any other application, its not a render. I [ctrl]+[prtsc] ( have to add the [fn] function key on my laptop) to do a screencap. This will take a picture of my current desktop, whatever is running, into memory. To save it out I just open, click for a new document (will get the right dimensions automatically) and then paste. Since I'm using this as an example in a subject, I'll add some colored circles, lines, and text to point out my problem or fix, then save that out as a jpeg. Jpegs are much smaller filesize and are acceptable all over the web. Some forums won't allow png or gif images. is great for making materials too!!

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